ROMAWO vs Intune

I often get asked how does compete with Microsoft Intune...

ROMAWO does perfectly work together with Intune, no need to choose one or the other... That's why I will list here the ROMAWO features that will extend every Intune environment.

  • Dashboard
    ROMAWO provides a simple web based dashboard including all relevant data (Patch-Level, Virus Alerts,  Office Versions etc.) on a single page.
  • Inventory
    ROMAWO can inventory everything you can collect with PowerShell running as SYSTEM (e.g. installed Software, configurations etc.). Highlight inventory changes of a device based on a timeline.
  • 3rd Party Software Update
    Automatically update common 3rd Party Software in the background. All activities will be logged.
  • Real-Time Support Console
    Search devices and trigger commands in real-time on selected devices connected to the internet.
  • Virus alerting
    Alert by email if a threat is detected on a device running Windows Defender.
  • Defender configuration monitoring
    Show devices with Defender settings that do not match with your corporate policy.
  • LAPS
    Set and report a randomized local Admin password for every device.
  • Local Admins
    For every device, you can define custom AAD Users as local administrators with an expiration date. Unapproved Admins can be removed automatically.
  • OS deployment
    Create a bootable USB-Stick with the latest Windows10 source with a few clicks. Choose common Software to be installed during OS deployment (e.g. Office, Company Portal etc. )
  • AutoPilot registration
    Automatically register your devices in AutoPilot during OS deployment, or generate an AutoPilot CSV File for bulk import.
  • Logon Script
    Run a script in the context of the user on every logon.
  • Compliance Script
    A PowerShell script that runs every 30min. Many common settings (e.g. activate BitLocker, configure OneDrive or WindowsUpdate.. ) are available as template.
  • Windows Servers, Windows10 Multisession or Workgroup devices
    The ROMAWO Agent can be installed on Servers or Windows10 Multisession Hosts (WVD). It is not relevant if the device is workgroup- domain- or AAD-joined. It just requires Internet connection.
  • Multi-Tenancy (ROMAWO Enterprise only)
    ROMAWO allows you to group your device in different tenants and restrict the Web-Interface to a specific AAD Group.

The most important:

  • ROMAWO is a Service and Intune is a Tool. No IT skills required for operation...

If you have questions or if you want to give it a try: ROMAWO Contact Form

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