RuckZuck Figures 2022

the progress of in 2022...


There where 2'440 Packages created or updated in 2022, which is an average of 6.7 Packages per day.
There is a total of 617 Products in the Repository and 10'634 Packages in different versions.


2'794'395 packages were downloaded from the RuckZuck repository in 2022.


Access to the REST-API requires an API-Key as there where too many requests, generated from scripts. The API-Key is free, but it allows to track the load on the infrastructure. To get a Key, send an eMail or open an Issue on GitHub (
Because of this requirement, older versions of the tools may no longer work. Make sure you are using the latest version.


There will be no further development on "RuckZuck for Configuration Manager" as I do no longer have access to a Development Environment with ConfigMgr installed.  Minor changes or security related updates can still follow, but requires volunteers that are doing the testing...