RuckZuck Figures 2021

A short summary of the Ruckzuck figures of 2021...


There where 3'347 Packages created or updated in 2021, which is an average of 9 Packages per day.
We have a total of 627 Products in the Repository and if we count also the different versions it's 8'279 Packages.


3'101'902 packages were downloaded from the RuckZuck repository in 2021.


The API Service was moved to Azure Functions, so the WebSite of does no longer provide any API functions.

The Repository Page allows sorting and searching and it provides a direct link to the metadata of each package in the format of a JSON.

The real-time messages on the main page will automatically reduce the level of details as soon as the service is under heavy load. Enterprise customers from ROMAWO are using a separate ruckzuck infrastructure to guarantie a higher responsability for their service as the public API can sometimes reach it's permormance limit.