RuckZuck for Configuration Manager is an extension for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 to automatically create Applications, DeploymentTypes, Collections and Deployments in ConfigMgr based on Meta-Data from the RuckZuck Repository (~400 Software Products available).
The required Files are downloaded from the Vendors Page and not from the RuckZuck repository.

Changes in Version

  • Errors logged to: %TEMP%\RZError.txt

  • New Configuration File Option to disable Deployment creation

      <setting name="CreateDeployments" serializeAs="String">
  • Default Requirement Rule includes Windows10

  • Downloads from FTP Sources fixed

  • Search performance improved

Note: A Version update will not update or change an existing .config File

Things to know:

  • RZ4ConfigMgr will download the binaries from the Vendors Home-Page, so you must be able to download binaries from the web.

  • The Tool (RZ4ConfigMgr.exe) and the RZ4ConfigMgr.exe.config File are stored in the "bin" Folder of the ConfigMgr Console ("..\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin")

  • Always change "CM12ContentSourceUNC" in the .config File, the default value does not make sense (but it exists on every machine).

      	<setting name="CM12ContentSourceUNC" serializeAs="String">
  • Enter a SQL Servername in the .config File if SQL is not on the same System as the CM Site

  • Enter the Name of the Database in the .config File if the name is not CM_<SiteCode>

  • SQL read access on "v_ConfigurationItems" is recommended, otherwise the tool will not be eable to detect if an Application is already imported.

  • The Tool has references to the SDK DLL's of CM12 R2 SP1. Older Versions may have Issues.

  • The Tool is tested on:

  • System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1

  • System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1 CU1

  • System Center Configuration Manager vNext TP3

  • Dependencies within RuckZuck are not imported on CM12

  • Always check the Requirement-Rules on the DeploymentTypes as only the Architecture Requirements are imported on CM12.