RuckZuck for Configuration Manager V0.9.3.5

RuckZuck for Configuration Manager is an extension for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 to automatically create Applications, DeploymentTypes, Collections and Deployments in ConfigMgr based on Meta-Data from the RuckZuck Repository (~400 Software Products available).
The required Files are downloaded from the Vendors Page and not from the RuckZuck repository.

Changes in Version

  • Errors logged to: %TEMP%\RZError.txt

  • New Configuration File Option to disable Deployment creation

      <setting name="CreateDeployments" serializeAs="String">
  • Default Requirement Rule includes Windows10

  • Downloads from FTP Sources fixed

  • Search performance improved

Note: A Version update will not update or change an existing .config File

Things to know:

  • RZ4ConfigMgr will download the binaries from the Vendors Home-Page, so you must be able to download binaries from the web.

  • The Tool (RZ4ConfigMgr.exe) and the RZ4ConfigMgr.exe.config File are stored in the "bin" Folder of the ConfigMgr Console ("..\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin")

  • Always change "CM12ContentSourceUNC" in the .config File, the default value does not make sense (but it exists on every machine).

      	<setting name="CM12ContentSourceUNC" serializeAs="String">
  • Enter a SQL Servername in the .config File if SQL is not on the same System as the CM Site

  • Enter the Name of the Database in the .config File if the name is not CM_<SiteCode>

  • SQL read access on "v_ConfigurationItems" is recommended, otherwise the tool will not be eable to detect if an Application is already imported.

  • The Tool has references to the SDK DLL's of CM12 R2 SP1. Older Versions may have Issues.

  • The Tool is tested on:

  • System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1

  • System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1 CU1

  • System Center Configuration Manager vNext TP3

  • Dependencies within RuckZuck are not imported on CM12

  • Always check the Requirement-Rules on the DeploymentTypes as only the Architecture Requirements are imported on CM12.