A new Version of "RuckZuck for Configuration Manager" is available on RuckZuck.tools. This Tool is an extension for "System Center Configuration Manager" to automatically import Applications from the RuckZuck Repository.
Note: This tool is Royalty-Free, without warranty and support.

What's New:

New: RuckZuck Categories are used as UserCategories on the Application

Application will have the same User-Categories in Software Center as in RuckZuck. The Administrative-Category is still "RuckZuck".

New: optional DP-Group in config File to sync content to DP's

You can define (optional) a DistributionPoint Group name in the config File to automatically sync the content of the applications to the specific DP Group.
<setting name="DPGroup" serializeAs="String"> <value>All-DP</value> </setting>

New: AD-Group name customizable in config file

It's now possible to specify a custom AD Group name as default member of the Application Collections. If this value is empty, the Tool creates an empty DeviceCollection.
<setting name="DefaultADGroup" serializeAs="String"> <value>%USERDOMAIN%\Domain Users</value> </setting>

New: OSRequirements customizable in config file

OperatingSystem requirements can now be customized in the config File:
<setting name="OSRequirementsX64" serializeAs="Xml"> <value> <ArrayOfString xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <string>Windows/All_x64_Windows_7_Client</string> <string>Windows/All_x64_Windows_8.1_Client</string> <string>Windows/All_x64_Windows_10_and_higher_Clients</string> </ArrayOfString> </value> </setting> <setting name="OSRequirementsX86" serializeAs="Xml"> <value> <ArrayOfString xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <string>Windows/All_x86_Windows_7_Client</string> <string>Windows/All_x86_Windows_8.1_Client</string> <string>Windows/All_x86_Windows_10_and_higher_Clients</string> </ArrayOfString> </value> </setting>

Note: Some older SCCM Versions do not support Windows10. During DeploymentType creation, the RuckZuck plugin will throw an "SMS Provider" Error. In this case, remove the Windows10 OS requirement rule from the config file.

Fix: SQL Connection not required to create Application (it's only required to update existing Applications)

an SQL conection is currently only required if you want to update an existing Application. If you leave the SQL settings empty, the tool tries to connect to an SQL instance on the SCCM Server with a database name CM_SiteCode.
<setting name="CM12_SQLServer" serializeAs="String"> <value /> </setting> <setting name="CM12_SQLServerDBName" serializeAs="String"> <value /> </setting>

Note: Future Versions of the tool may require SQL to detect Application-Updates.

Fix: use Proxy from IE

The config File contains now options to use the same Proxy Server as the Browser.
<system.net> <defaultProxy enabled="true" useDefaultCredentials="true"> </defaultProxy> </system.net>

Update procedure

You can just install the updated Version over an existing installation.
Note: The config file will be replaced. If you need some settings, make a backup first! (The Tool and config File is stored in ..\ AdminConsole \Bin Directory.