RuckZuck Software Package Manager V1.0

Development of RuckZuck started one year ago on the 2nd Dec. 2014. Many things have changed from the initial Version to the current stable release V1.0...
RuckZuck is using an own Software Repository, so first a few Figures on the

Repository (3-Dec-2015):

  • Total amount of certified and approved Software (all Versions): 3'050
  • Total amount of active installation types (1) (latest Version): 577
  • Total amount of active Software-Products (latest Version): 384
  • Total Software downloads: 25'698

RuckZuck stores Product-Names and Versions from the Latest-Version check of the RuckZuck-tool. Currently there are 15'156 Product-Names in the Inventory-DB with 20'907 different Versions. This data is required to map Product-Names and Versions to the latest available Version.

3'000 Software Packages within one year means that we have an average of 8 application changes per day. 98% of all Product uploads are currently from one person (thanks to all who worked on the other 2% :-), so if you miss something in the Repository -> just create and upload the package and help the 2% Team...

All the 380 Applications where automatically tested and installed within the last 30 Days, but of course it can happen that a package is no not working anymore because the URL or Hash values have changed. If you see a Failed installation, please provide feedback (from the RuckZuck Tool or on the Codeplex Forum).

What's planned for vNext:

  1. Allow to create a custom (internal) repository based on XML-Files. No option to detect Updates but at least you can share and test your custom packages before you upload it to the public repository.
  2. Admin Interfaces are required so that the 2% Team can help to check and approve new packages. Just for the case that I'm on vacation...

Thanks to all who support this project by providing ideas, packages or just by using the tool... !


(1) A Software Product can have different installation types for different Architectures and Languages