"Secret" PowerShell cmdlet in RuckZuck for ConfigMgr

If you want to automate the import of "RuckZuck for ConfigurationManager packages"... here is a little secret:

  1. Install the latest Version of "RZ4ConfigMgr" (at least V0.9.9.8)
  2. In the ConfigMgr AdminConsole\Bin Directory, make a copy of RZ4ConfigMgr.exe and RZ4ConfigMgr.exe.config and rename the copy to RZ4ConfigMgr.dll and RZ4ConfigMgr.dll.config
  3. open PowerShell and Run:
Import-Module RZ4ConfigMgr.dll
New-RZApp -?

Example to import an App:

New-RZApp -ProductName "SCCMCliCtr"

if you use the ProductName without a Version, you can use the "Shortname" that you see in the RuckZuck UI... Otherwise you have to use the Full-Name and the Version:

New-RZApp -ProductName "Client Center for Configuration Manager" -ProductVersion ""

Any improvements are welcome :-)