The recently updated Artifact "Windows-ConfigurationManagerCurrentBranch" in Azure TestDevLab does now support SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016 as Base-Image:

As Configuration Manager requires an Active-Directory Domain, you have to run the Artifact "windows-CreateDomain before you install Configuration Manager, otherwise the installation will fail:

NOTE: The "windows-CreateDomain" Artifact requires a Recovery-Password that does meet the complexity requirements of the underlaying Operating System. The Artifact will fail if the password is not complex.

To install additional Software-Packages on your ConfigMgr Server, you can use the "Install RuckZuck Packages" Artifact to install Packages from the RuckZuck Repository ( The Text-Box can contain a list of Semi-Colon separated Packagenames ( Shortname and not the full Productname )

Note: If you leave the Packages-Textbox empty, RuckZuck will update all existing Software to the latest Version.