Track changes in ConfigMgr

Monday morning, Task-Sequence for 1709 upgrade stopped working.. Two questions will pop up very quickly: Who has changed something ? What has changed since last Friday ? To »

RuckZuck Cache

All the (ruckzuck.exe, rzupdate.exe and the OneGet Provider) where designed to get the software binaries from the vendors web-site in the internet. »

RuckZuck for ConfigMgr (New v1.5.18)

RuckZuck for Configuration Manager is a Console-Extension for System Center Configuration Manager which allows to import Applications from the RuckZuck Repository. The Tool is "free" Software »

RuckZuck Figures for 2016 ( a Package Manager for Windows) is alive and it becomes more and more popular... Let's present some figures for the Year 2016: In 2016, »

Collection scenarios

The goal of this blog is to clarify some misunderstandings around Collections in System Center Configuration Manager. There is no right or wrong, the goal is »