RuckZuck Figures for 2018

Another year is over, let's present some RuckZuck figures for the year 2018... the same as for 2017, 2016 and 2015

RuckZuck.exe was downloaded 10'926 times from, which seems less than last year (15'518), but this number did also include the OneGet Provider, RZUpdate.exe and RZ4ConfigMgr... just to compare, the total number of downloads (for all files) in 2018 was 23'797.

The Database contains now 229'950 Software-Products and Versions where 26'513 Versions are linked with a RuckZuck Package. The Repository itself contains 498 Packages.

2'199 Packages or Updates where created in 2018 which is an average of 6 packages per day.

In Total: 114'424 Software-Packages where downloaded from RuckZuck.

Some words to the infrastructure hosted in Azure and the generated costs (based on azure calculator):

  • Web App: Basic Tier; B1 (1 Core(s), 1.75 GB RAM, 10 GB Storage) 54$/Month
  • Redis: C0, Basic Tier, 1 instance(s) 16$/Month
  • SQL: S0, Single Database: 10 DTUs, 250 GB 14$/Month

… that means that someone has to pay ~1'000$/year or 1 Cent per downloaded Software... at the moment it's someone else that pays the bill, but if you are interested to become an official sponsor, let me know...